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Direct Response DR World
As a Creative Art / Director in direct-to-consumer (DTC) companies, I was involved in building, designing, and leading creative teams, including copywriters, designers, strategists, and editors.
As the brand custodian for these brands, it was challenging to achieve the perfect balance between branding and performance without sacrificing either.
Creative Solution
Over the years, by gaining more experience in the DTC sector, I managed to collaborate with experts in acquisition, retention, email marketing, and social media. From each, I gathered numerous insights into the nuances of performance. After extensive testing, we identified components that could be tailored to each brand without compromising performance perspectives, such as logos, CTAs, iconography, and more. Working closely with strategists and brand teams, we defined the different stages/parts of each video, tailored to the specific needs of each client. This collaborative approach eventually led to the creation of ads that not only achieved but exceeded the desired balance between branding and performance, marking them as top performers.
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