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Crafting the brand components for the talent growth department inside UsBank.
Career-ology logo
Elavon, a wholly-owned subsidiary of U.S. Bank, has been a global leader in payment processing for over 30 years. They run a professional development program called Career-ology for Year Up students twice a year. Students join the organization for a six-month internship with the possibility of full-time employment afterward. The program includes various professional development sessions such as emotional intelligence, social confidence, management styles, and the circle of control.
The Elavon/U.S. Bank team expects exceptional creative work that goes above and beyond. This project is an opportunity to showcase our capabilities and impress the client right from the first round.
Creative Solution
Our creative team sought to build credibility in the new branding while enhancing the design quality to a contemporary and refreshed standard. While preserving the primary brand colors (red, blue, and white), we explored alternative typographic choices that diverged slightly from the core brand identity. Geometric shapes were introduced to infuse motion and vitality, captivating the younger audience. The font selection prioritized legibility and integrated geometric strokes to enhance the impact of the bold and commanding shapes. By implementing these decisions, the resulting branding exudes impactful communication through vibrant colors and captivating visuals.
Recipe for Success
Demonstrating the value of building a brand that integrates seamlessly with existing assets while venturing into a different industry. Investing additional time in developing a comprehensive branding approach rather than focusing solely on the logo allowed us to justify the diverse elements and components that constitute the overall identity.
Design of patterns for Career-ology brandDesign of patterns for Career-ology brandDesign of business card for Career-ology brand
Design of collateral for Career-ology brandDesign of Slide deck for Career-ology brandDesign of Slide deck for Career-ology brand
Creative Lead
Marcia Dellarosa
Marcelo Pelica
Paola Flores
Creative Project Manager
Emilio Ramos
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