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Motion Ads,

Multiple-screen motion ads, displayed in San Francisco.
SalesLoft is the #1 sales engagement platform, dedicated to helping sales organizations deliver exceptional customer experiences. This project marked our initial collaboration with the client, where they entrusted our creative team to develop captivating videos for display in San Francisco subway stations. These videos aimed to promote their brand during Dreamforce, a huge annual sales event in SF.
Target Audience
Our target audience comprised tech-savvy individuals, sales corporate teams involved in sales solutions, as well as AI enthusiasts.
Main Objectives
Our primary objectives were to amaze the client with the first draft by applying their recently launched brand identity in a creative and innovative manner. Additionally, we aimed to create and animate content with a strong focus on its adaptability to different screen formats (1-3-11 screens).
Creative Solution
During the design phase, we explored various creative options, incorporating their brand components. The majority of our approaches were geared toward achieving visual appeal while simultaneously considering how each element would come to life through animation. Our goal was to enhance brand recognition.
The client’s team was delighted to witness the extent of our creativity in the initial presentation. Subsequent reviews proceeded smoothly, involving only minor adjustments. This outcome was the result of outstanding teamwork and a wealth of positive energy.
Creative Lead
Marcia Dellarosa
David Gomez
Creative Project Manager
Ramiro Pannunzio
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